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  • e-Learning Portal receives "very suitable" rating from Bahagian Tekonologi Pendidikan, Ministry of Education.
    27 March 2007, Selangor Malaysia - We received a very pleasant surprise from one of our resellers - Ultimate Energy Sdn. Bhd. represented by En. Ridzuan and En. Azman who presented the capabilities of the e-Learning portal to a panel of top ranking officials in the Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan (Education Technology Division) at the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

    "We presented the e-Learning to a panel of a dozen officials who were well versed with the upcoming trends and education technology. We were confident that the BTP would give us a good rating as many students have already benefited from its use.", said En. Ridzuan of Ultimate Energy Sdn. Bhd. 

    Here at e-Learning, we are doubly excited that intrique e-Learning portal for Students from Year 1 to Form 3 of the Malaysia have received some due recognition for our efforts to enhance and help all Malaysian students towards employing better study skills and monitoring concepts in their daily revision and studies.

    They were equally as impressed with the Intrique@School program where teachers are able to create test and revision exercises quickly and efficiently. This year Ultimate Energy Sdn. Bhd. is going to bring the Intrique@School program to several schools in the Klang Valley. If your school is interested to join the program, kindly email for more information.

    Here are the important sections of the letter:
    Versi Bahasa Melayu:

    Perakuan Produk "eLearning Intrique"

    Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa produk Tuan yang berjudul di atas telah dinilai oleh Jawatankuasa Kerja II (Pengisian Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran) pada 23 Ogos 2006. Ekoran demonstrasi dan penerangan oleh syarikat Tuan, satu laporan telah disediakan dan dikemukakan kepada Jawatankuasa Maklumat dan Pengkomputeran (JMPK).

    2. Sehubungan dengan itu, pihak Jawatankuasa Kerja memperakui produk Tuan sebagai suatu produk yang amat sesuai dalam membantu meningkatkan keberkesanan proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran

    English Translation:

    Acknowledgement of the "Intrique eLearning" Product

    We wish to inform you that your product entitled as per above has been evaluated by the Working Committee II (Teaching and Learning Software) on the 23rd of August 2006. Following the product demonstration and elaboration by your company, a follow up report was prepared and presented to the Information and Computerization Committee (JMPK).

    2. The Working Committee hereby acknowledges that intrique eLearning is very suitable towards increasing the effectiveness and efficacy of the teaching and learning proses.

  • awarded EPSSCentral's Performance Centered Design (PCD) Award for development of Intrique e-Learning Solutions
    23 October 2006, Denver, Colorado, USA - Gary Dickleman, Chairman of EPSSCentral today conferred a Performance Centered Design Award to Intrique e-Learning Solutions. Mr. Dickleman of, an organization that champions Performance Centered solutions said, "The judges at EPSSCentrals felt that Intrique e-Learning Solutions deserved this award because of Intrique's ability to raise the performance and monitor the result of a learner's development at every stage of the learning process. For PCD Solutions, it's already tough to monitor 2 parties, but Intrique seemed to tie everything together with 3 stakeholders. (Students, Parents and Teachers)."

    "That itself is quite an achievement!", adds Dickleman.

    Things are definitely abuzz at, "We're very excited and honoured to be ranked right up there with other recipients of the award such as IBM and Britesoft (MSC Status Company), this proves that we can definitely engineer Worldclass solutions with our talent here." Alex P'ng of comments.

    Plans are definitely on the roadmap to develop better solutions, the current buzzword is CROWDSOURCING, we'll definitely employ Web 2.0 concepts to further enhance our e-Learning solutions for the children of Malaysia. We will continue to develop our technology and there very near in the future, will unveil a concept never implemented before in Malaysia - it's our children and their parents as well as their teachers who will benefit from our efforts, so, watch this site...", P'ng promises.

    With this award, is the ONLY e-Learning solution that has been conferred an award by an independent body outside of Malaysia. Subscribe to today!

    For more information links and highlights of the award, please visit:

  • listed on TMNet BlueHyppo's B-Smart
    1 August 2006: has been listed as an elearning content provider for BlueHyppo's B-Smart sub portal. Soon members BlueHyppo and existing TMnet subscribers as well as other members of the public will be able to subscribe to through BlueHyppo! Click on the thumbnail to the right to visit the B-Smart sub portal at BlueHyppo now at
  • Makes an Appearance at Hari Guru 2006 Celebrations in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur!
    13 - 16 May 2006: was represented by one of its resellers: Ultimate Energy Sdn. Bhd. during the Teachers' Day celebrations held at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur recently. programme was showcased there and made its brand known to the visiting teachers and principals who agreed that, "it was about time someone made something like this for us".

    What are they talking about? The programme is defined as "An e-Learning program specially created for schools to further enhance the learning experience between the Teacher and their Students". What modules are there in the program?
    • Teachers' Modules include:
      • Output Learning Exercise/Papers Assignments
      • Ability to Create Custom Questions
      • In.telligent Reporting for Class/Students/Assignments
      • In.put Learning Module as a teaching-learning aid
    • Students' Modules include:
      • Review & Complete Assignments
      • Student's Personal In.telligent Reporting

    Interested Teachers & Principals are welcomed to find out more about the program by contacting Ultimate Energy Sdn. Bhd.'s En. Ridzuan Ahmad (+6019 2128 645) or En. Nor Azman (+6019 263 2519) for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION TRIAL & DEMO.

    Here are some pictures from the Event! We managed to get YB Dato' Seri Hishamudin and our Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to visit our booth and obtain their autographs as well!  Click on the thumbnails below to view the snap shots of the day!

  • What's happening at
    • 10 August 2006: Implementation of engine to cater for New Exam Format subjective based questions is now complete. We are now inserting new subjective questions into the database.
    • 10 April 2006: Implementation of the New Exam Format Questions for PMR and UPSR are now complete. Our subscribers may now use the module! Good luck!
    • 1 April 2006: The newly implemented and enhanced reporting system is now complete. You will be able to zoom into separate Topic Exercise/Revision Exercise/Term Test/Past Year Paper modules, sort via subjects and zoom in to look for weak/strong areas in each Subject Topic. We hope you will find the In.telligent Reporting useful!
    • Preparing the new examination format that you would be experiencing for the coming UPSR and PMR exams for the Bahasa Melayu, English Language and Mandarin papers. We're now half done as of 1st April 2005. We should be finished by the end of the week.
    • Re-arrangement of Input Learning Lessons to provide you with more learning information. Currently still in progress.
    • Integrating a more powerful and better in.telligent Reporting System that you can use to diagnose your weaknesses and track your study progress. Finished by 30th March 2006.
    • Adopting a new system of encoding that would ensure that all your output learning papers appear the way they should be appearing. Finished as of 1st April 2006.
    • Production and Insertion of more in.put learning lessons. This is always in progress.

The In.trique Learning Engine is equipped with the following cutting edge breakthroughs :
  • Intelligent Error Evasion system
  • Anti-Cheating Testing System
  • a more comprehensive output learning system that incorporates the latest exam formats from MOE.
  • a better and more powerful Reporting System for both parent and child
  • A better and clearer navigation
  • View our latest updates to our input learning content here.

So what are you waiting for? Say "YES" to the In.trique Learning Experience today and Get with the Program!